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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who decides the candidates each week?

A. The Elephant Gun chooses the candidates each week.

Q. What is the criteria?

A. First and formost, we look for post-primary, Senate, House, or Gubernatorial elections, where both candidates have been decided in the primary. While we don't have any hard criteria, we try to look for competitive elections where additional boosts of money might help a non-Republican candidate get the edge.

Q. How much is donated to the candidates, and how much do you keep?

A. 100% of the money goes to the candidate we are supporting, or to groups that support them directly. Elephant Gun PAC does not take any of the donations. That may change in the future if our expenses rise, but currently there is no plan to do so.

Q. Your campaigns are weekly, but your recurring donation is monthly. How does that work?

A. We will spread your donation out over the course of the month. So if you donate say $20/month, we will give $5/week to each candidate.

Q. Are you a PAC or a Super Pac?

A. A PAC (Political Action Committee). More specifically, we are officially a non-connected, multi party federal pac. That means we are not directly affiliated with any single candidate, and have not been set up by a campaign.

Q. What’s the difference between a PAC and a SuperPac?

A. The most direct difference is A PAC can donate directly to a candidate's campaign and the candidates political party directly, with contribution limits set by the FEC. A super PAC, also known as an independent expenditure committee, can raise and spend as much money as they want, but it can not give any money directly to a candidate's campaign, or coordinate with the campaign directly. Super PACs often spend that money on campaign ads and that sort of thing.